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One reason for my decision to become Emeritus was to increase the amount of time available for research activities. Thus, my teaching activities will be selected to  dovetail closely with my research activities.  This means that I will consider supervising or participating in doctoral dissertations in the areas of institutions and economic development or the economics of retailing and distribution. I will also consider designing reading courses for graduate students at Maryland in these two areas. I am also happy to teach elsewhere short courses, lasting a couple of weeks, in these two areas as discussed below.   

Doctoral Dissertations: Students, Theses Titles and Placements.


Institutions and Economic Development

This topic area has evolved from my graduate teaching in development.  Recently I taught a two week doctoral seminar expanding on the role of institutions in development at UCA in Buenos Aires. It was very well received. The syllabus of the short course is attached to the link above. I am happy to customize similar short-term courses in this topic area, since it has become a very current and active part of my research agenda. 

 Economics of Retailing and Distribution

This topic area is a continuation of my research interests, which led to a doctoral seminar on the topic for 11 years. The link above is to the syllabus of the most recent time I taught it as a reading course.  It gives an idea of the range of interests encompassed by this topic.  In addition to teaching it as a doctoral seminar I have taught shorter versions for advanced graduate students in Economics in Chile and for advanced graduate students in Marketing in Spain. I am happy to customize short term courses in this topic area, since it continues to be a very current and active part of my research agenda.