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This section lists all publications in the area of development (since 1989) by Roger R. Betancourt and his co-authors. It makes them available in PDF format. In this section we include a couple of short pieces not listed in the CV. These are comments to two papers at the ASCE meetings that are especially relevant for the new institutional economics. 

"Neoconservative Economic Experiments in the Southern Cone" (with M. Kiguel), Latin American Research Review, Fall 1989. 

"The New Institutional Economics and the Study of the Cuban Economy," in G. P. Montalvan and J. Pujol (eds.), Cuba in Transition, Vol. I, Florida International University Press, 1992. 

"The Distribution Sector in a CPE: Cuba," in G. P. Montalvan (ed.), Cuba in Transition, Vol. II, Florida International University Press, 1993. 

Book review of "Politics and Policy Making in Developing Countries: Perspectives on the New Political Economy," by Gerald Meier, Ed., Journal of Comparative Economics, 18, 1994. 

Book review of "Mexico: The Remaking of An Economy,"  by Nora Lustig, Journal of Comparative Economics,19, 1994. 

"Growth Capabilities and Development: Implications for Transition Processes in Cuba", Economic Development and Cultural Change, January 1996. Figure 1.

Comment on "The Implications of Good Governance for the Reconstruction of Cuba" by Lorenzo L. Pérez, Cuba in Transition, Vol. VII, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE, 1998. 

"Cuba's Reforms: A New Institutional Economics Perspective," in J. Perez-Lopez and M. Travieso-Diaz (eds.), Perspectives on Cuban Economic Reforms, Arizona State University Press, 1998. 

 Comment on “The Strengths and Weaknesses of Factor Analysis in Predicting Cuban GDP,” by Nicolás Sánchez and Miles Cahill, Cuba in Transition, Vol. VIII, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE, 1999.

"Economic Development in the Tropics: Fiction or Possibility" (with C. Seiglie), in Cuba in Transition, Vol. VIII, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE, 1999. Appendix

"The Allocation of Publicly-Provided Goods to Rural Households in India: On Some Consequences of Caste, Religion and Democracy" (with S. Gleason), World Development, December 2000. 
"Cuba's Economic Reforms: Waiting for Fidel on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century," in Cuba in Transition, Vol. IX, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE, 2000. A Spanish version is also available and it appeared in M. Martin, M. Garcia and F. Javier Saez (eds.,) Homenaje a Julian Alienes Urosa, Universidad de Granada, 2001.

\"Felipe Pazos, Institutions and A Retrospective View of 'Problemas Economicos de Cuba en el Periodo de Transicion'." in Cuba in Transition, Volume XI, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE, 2002. 

"Comparative Policy and Performance in Mesa Lago's -- Market, Socialist and Mixed Economies: Chile Cuba and Costa Rica."  in Cuba in Transition, Volume XI, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE, 2002.

 "The Distribution Sector and the Development Process: Are There Patterns? Yes" (with J. Anderson),  Economic Inquiry , 2002.   Appendix

"A New Institutional Economics Perspective on Market Augmenting Government,"   in O. Azfar and C. Cadwell (eds.), Market Augmenting Government, University of Michigan Press, 2003. 

"The Role of the State During a 'Democratic' Transition: Cuba" Cuba Transition Project. Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies. University of Miami, 2004; Spanish translation 2005, available in hard copy.

"Institutions, Markets and Economic Performance: Implications for Cuba",  in Cuba in Transition, Volume XV, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2006.

Book Review of "Cuba's Aborted Reforms" by C. Mesa-Lago and J. Perez-Lopez," Bulletin of Latin American Research, January 2007.

Book Review of "The Cuban Economy at the Start of the Twentieth Century," by J. Dominguez, O. E. Perez-Villanueva and L. Barberia (eds.), Cuban Affairs, July 2006.

"Human Rights and Economic Growth: Why the Real China Model MAY be Desirable in a Post-Fidel Transition",  in Cuba in Transition, Volume XVII, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2008.

Is There Political Will towards Democratization  in Cuba? (with Jorge A. Sanguinetty), in Cuba in Transition, Volume XVIII, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2009.

The Political Will to Democratize in Cuba: An Implication for U.S. Policy (with Jorge A. Sanguinetty), Cuban Affairs, Volume 4 No.2, July 2009.

The Origins of ASCE: The Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, May 2009, University of Maryland.

Democracy's Dimensions and Cuba's Development in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis, in Cuba in Transition,  Volume XIX, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2010.

Civil Liberties and Economic Development" ( with A. BenYishay), lead article, Journal of Institutional Economics, September 2010.

Cuba's Attempts at Democracy: The Colony, in Cuba in Transition, Volume XX, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2011. A slightly revised version is also available as Ch.11 in  M. Font (ed.) Cuba Futures, Past and Present: Historical Perspectives, June 2011, at

Why Cuba Remained a Colony while Latin America Became Independent: Implications for the Current Transition,  Cuban Affairs, Vol. 6, No.4, December 2011.

Legitimacy & Democracy: Basic Concepts with an Application to the Honduran 2009 Crisis.  University of Maryland, May 2012.

Oil and Democracy in Cuba: Going Towards Nigeria or Norway? in Cuba in Transition, Volume XXII, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2013

Should the US Lift the Cuban Embargo? Yes; It Already Has; and It Depends!  , in Cuba in Transition, Volume XXIII, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2014.

Unbundling Democracy : Political Rights and Civil Liberties (with A. BenYishay),  Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 42, No.3, August 2014. 

Where is Cuba's Economy Going in the Second Decade of the Twenty-First Century? , Journal of Economic Literature, March 2014

Political Acceptance as an Alternative or Complement to Political Legitimacy: Concept, Measurement and Implications (with A. Ponce), University of Maryland, September 2014.

A Novel Perspective on Cuba's 'Reforms', Cuban Affairs, Vol.10, No.1, April 2015. An earlier version of the paper is available in Cuba in Transition, Volume XXIV, Papers and Proceedings of ASCE 2015.

USA-Cuba Migration Policy: A Political Economy View,  in Cuba in Transition , Volume XXVI , Papers & Proceedings of ASCE 2016.

Cuba's Normalization Policy in a Trump Administration: Political Economy Perspectives, in Cuba in Transition,Volume XXVII, Papers & Proceedings of ASCE 2017.

Happiness While Growth is Weak, NEW, Finance and Development, June 2018.

A Political Economy Approach to US Normalization Policy Towards Cuba: Obama and Trump, NEW, September 2018.