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This section lists all publications in the area of distribution by Roger R. Betancourt and his co-authors. It makes available in PDF format selected ones.  An important selection criterion was availability of the material in electronic form. In addition, it makes available in PDF format the table of contents of a book first published in November 2004 by Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd. [The Economics of Retailing and Distribution ]. A paperback edition became available in 2006.  Both versions are available from the publisher at A Chinese translation by Renmin University Press became available in 2009. Two items listed here are also listed under development since these two  papers are relevant for both topics. 

"The Evolution of Retailing: A Suggested Economic Interpretation" (with D. Gautschi), International Journal of Research in Marketing, April 1986. 

"The Economics of Retail Firms" (with D. Gautschi), Managerial and Decision Economics, June 1988. 

"Demand Complementarities, Household Production and Retail Assortments" (with D. Gautschi), Marketing Science, Spring 1990.

"The Demand for Retail Products and the Household Production Model: New Views on Complementarity and Substitutability" (with D. Gautschi), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, March 1992. 

"The Economics of Retailing: Perspective and Prospective," Keynote Address to the VI World Conference on Research in the Distributive Trades, July 1991, International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, April 1992. 

The Analysis of Retail Activities, editor, Special Issue of Managerial and Decision Economics (with D. Gautschi), Introduction, June 1992.

"The Outputs of Retail Activities: French Evidence" (with D. Gautschi), Applied Economics, September 1992. 

"An Analysis of the US Distribution System," Economics Department Working Paper No. 135, Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, 1993. Figure 1-6

"The Distribution Sector in a CPE: Cuba," in G. P. Montalvan (ed.), Cuba in Transition, Vol. II, Florida International University Press, 1993. 

"Two Essential Characteristics of Retail Markets and Their Economic Consequences" (with D. Gautschi), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, June 1993. 

"The Outputs of Retail Activities: Concepts, Measurement and Evidence from US. Census Data" (with D. Gautschi), Review of Economics & Statistics, May 1993. 

"An International Comparison of the Determinants of Retail Gross Margins" (with D. Gautschi), Empirica, June 1996. 

"Distribution Services and Economic Power in a Channel" (with D. Gautschi), Journal of Retailing, January 1998 (Winner of the 2000 William Davidson Prize for best paper in the Journal of Retailing). 

"An Estimable Model of Supermarket Behavior: Prices, Distribution Services and Some Effects of Competition" (with M. Malanoski), Empirica, January, 1999. Appendix.

"The Distribution Sector and the Development Process: Are There Patterns? Yes" (with J. Anderson), Economic Inquiry, April 2002. Appendix

"Product Innovation in Services: A Framework for Analysis" (with D. Gautschi), in M. Baye and J. Nelson (eds.), Advertising and Differentiated Products, Volume 10 in Advances in Applied Economics, JAI Press, 2001. 

The Economics of Retailing and Distribution , Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd. November 2004; paperback edition 2006. Chinese Translation, Renmin University Press, 2009. Click here to see Table of Contents ,which gives an overview of the book. 

The Demand for and the Supply of Distribution Services: A Basis for the Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in Retailing, (with M. Cortinas, M. Elorz and J.M. Mugica) , Quantitative Marketing and Economics, September 2007.

"Is Packaging Price Discrimination, Service Provision or Both? An Experimental Approach" (with R. Hamilton and O. Dorokhina), mimeo, University of Maryland,  June 2010.

The Impact of Market Environments on Marketing Relationships ( with R. Chocarro, M. Cortiņas, M. Elorz and J.M. Mugica), Journal of  International Marketing Studies, Feb. 2014.  Data Appendix

Channel Choice in the 21st Century: The Hidden Role of Distribution Services( with R. Chocarro, M. Cortiņas, M. Elorz and J. M. Mugica),  Journal of Interactive Marketing, February 2016. lead article.

Distribution Services, Technological Change and the Evolution of Retailing and Distribution in the 21st Century, chapter 4 in E. Basker (editor) Handbook on The Economics of Retailing and Distribution, Edward Elgar Ltd, 2016.

Private Sales Clubs: A 21st Century Distribution Channel (with R. Chocarro, M.Cortiņas, M. Elorz and J.M. Mugica).  Journal of Interactive Marketing, February 2017.  Web Appendix.

Distribution Services and the Digital Economy: Implications for GDP Measurement, Productivity and Household Welfare, NEW, December 2017.

Contrarianism and Service Research. Roger R. Betancourt. Invited article for the SERVSIG Newsletter. (W. Kunz, Editor). November 2017.

Understanding the Digital Economy in Retailing and Its Economic Impacts Roger R. Betancourt, NEW, April 2018.