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This section lists all publications in the area of production by Roger R. Betancourt and his co-authors. It makes available in PDF format all but one journal article. The latter was not available in electronic form. It also lists the table of contents for the 1981 book. The book is out of print in hard copy but some used copies are available through Amazon.  Cambridge University Press issued the original version of the book in paperback in 2008. The measures of predictive performance for discrete dependent variables developed in that book have proven quite valuable for Ph. D. students in their dissertations. Hence this particular section of the book was scanned and made available in PDF format below. 

"An Economic Analysis of Capital Utilization," (with C. Clague) Southern Economic Journal, July 1975.

" Multiple shifts and the Employment Problem in Developing Countries" (with C. Clague), International Labor Review, September 1976.

"The Theory of Capital Utilization in Labor Managed Enterprises", Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1977.

"An Econometric Analysis of Capital Utilization," International Economic Review, February 1978.

Capital Utilization: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis (with C. Clague ), Cambridge University Press, 1981; NEW, paperback edition, 2008. 

Click here to see the table of contents of the volume.
Click here to see section 4.6, which is the one that develops the measures of predictive performance for discrete dependent variables. 

Industrial Capacity and Employment Promotion: Case Studies of Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Morocco and an Overall Survey of Other Developing Countries (with N. Phan-Thuy, G. Winston, and M. Kabaj), Gower Publishing Company, Ltd., 1981. 

"Trade and Factor Prices in a Model of Capital Utilization" (with C. Clague, and A. Panagariya), Southern Economic Journal, January 1984. 

"Capital Utilization and Factor Specificity" (with C. Clague, and A. Panagariya), Review of Economic Studies, April 1985. 

"A Generalization of Modern Production Theory," Applied Economics, August 1986. 

"The Duration of Operations and the Estimation of Substitution Possibilities," European Economic Review, December 1986. 

"Capital Utilization" in J. Eatwell, M. Milgate and P. Newman (eds.), The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, The Stockton Press, 1987. 

"Economies of Scale and the Load Factor in Electricity Generation" (with J. Edwards), Review of Economics and Statistics, August 1987. 

"Capital Utilization in the Heckscher-Ohlin Model" (with C. Clague, and A. Panagariya), International Trade Journal, September 1987. 

"Credit, Money and Production: Empirical Evidence" (with B. Robles), Review of Economics and Statistics, November 1989. 

"Are Financial Variables Inputs in Delivered Production Functions? No" (with M. Kiguel), Revista de Analisis Economico, June 1995. 

Book review on "A Theory of Production: Tasks, Processes, and Technical Practices", Journal of Economics Literature, June 1995. 

Book review on "Work Patterns and Capital Utilisation: An International Comparative Study", Journal of Economics Literature, December 1996.

"Capital Utilization" in S. Durlauf and L. Blume (eds.), The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, 2nd Edition, Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., 2008.