ECON 451
ECON 451: Public Choice
Fall 2023

Section 0101: MWF, noon - 12:50pm (TYD 1118)
Section 0201: MWF, 1:00pm - 1:50pm (TYD 1118)

Professor: Peter Coughlin (Contact Information)

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Justin Law (Contact Information)


Quiz Schedule
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The background readings for the course are from four books.
Three of the books are available as Online Resources at the UM Libraries' Catalog. You can get also access to the UM Libraries' links for those books through Course Reserves at ELMS.
In addition, a pdf with material from the fourth book is available through Course Reserves at ELMS.

Some recommended readings will also be available through Course Reserves at ELMS.

Topics and Readings:

Getting Started
May's Conditions
Voting Paradoxes
Single Peakedness
Voting on Public Goods and Median Voters
Edgeworth & Pareto
Arrow's Most Important Contribution to Public Choice