Some Working Papers

A Structural Model of Political Accountability (with Boragan Aruoba and Razvan Vlaicu)

Does “Being Chosen to Lead” Induce Non-Selfish Behavior? Experimental Evidence on Reciprocity (with Erkut Ozbay)

Kosher Pork (with Ethan Ilzetzki), version of 10/2014

Why is Economic Policy Different in New Democracies? Affecting Attitudes about Democracy (with Adi Brender), NBER Working Paper 13457.


Political Budget Cycles in New versus Established Democracies (with Adi Brender), Extended version, with all the background material of our October 2005 JME paper.


Why Emergency Lending Facilities Go Unused (with Leonardo Bartolini), July 2004


‘Lying Low’ During Elections: Political Pressure and Monetary Accommodation


What Is Gained By Selectively Withholding Foreign Aid? April 1999