Job Flows Data

This site contains the publicly available annual and quarterly gross job flows data from Job Creation and Destruction by Steven Davis, John Haltiwanger, and Scott Schuh.   To access these files and documentation, please click on the following link.  The annual files are in directory ANNUAL, the quarterly files in the director QUARTER, and the 1989-93 updates are in the 8993 directory.  The 1994-98 updates are in the directory 9498_update and an accompanying forthcoming working paper by Foster, Haltiwanger and Kim (2006) describes the updates along with important changes in the ASM sampling methodology that have been incorporated into the measurement methodology to make them consistent over time (a preliminary version of this working paper can be found in the directory from the link below in the file Gross_flows_7298.pdf).  Note that the 9498 directory should be used by most users since it contains the full time series on an annual and quarterly basis from 1972-98 for most classifications.  Finally, the 1947-2005 quarterly job flow series for U.S. Manufacturing developed by Davis, Faberman and Haltiwanger (Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2006) and the 1990-2005 quarterly job flows for the U.S. total private sector are available in an excel spreadsheet in the directory 





Update (2009):


The Bureau of the Census has now released job creation and destruction measures on an annual basis from 1977-2005 for U.S. private, non-agricultural businesses with breakouts by

major sector, state, firm size and firm age (and various interactions).  The methodology for these measures follows Davis, Haltiwanger and Schuh (2006).  These data are described and can be downloaded from: