John Ham, Ph. D:

                            Labor and Health Economics.                   

Department of Economics and
Maryland Population Research Center
at the
University of Maryland

Other Affiliations

International Research Fellow,
    Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), London UK

Affiliated Researcher, Institute for Evaluation of Labour
    Market and Education Policy, Uppsala University

Research Affiliate, Institute for Research
    on Poverty, University of Wisconsin

Research Associate, IZA



New and Recently Revised Papers

1 Employment, Unemployment and Labor Market Dynamics

"Matching and Semi-parametric IV Estimation, a Distance-Based Measure of Migration, and the Wages of Young Men" (with X. Li, and P. Reagan), Journal of Econometrics, April 2011.

"Seam Bias, Multiple-State, Multiple-Spell Duration Models and the Employment Dynamics of Disadvantaged Women" (with X. Li, York University and L. Shore-Sheppard), March 2014. Appendix Under revision for Journal of Labor Economics

"Government Programs Can Improve Local Labor Markets: Evidence from State Enterprise Zones, Federal Empowerment Zones and Federal Enterprise Communities." Journal of Public Economics, 2011. Joint with C. Swenson, A. İmrohoroğlu and H. Song.

2 Intertemporal Substitution, Labor Supply and Unemployment

 “Using Micro Data to Estimate the Intertemporal Substitution Elasticity for Labor Supply in an Implicit Contract Model” (with Kevin Reilly), International Economic Review , November 2013.

3 Health and Family

"Estimating the Determinants of Bargaining Power Within the Family using Semiprivate Consumption: Transfers to Parents from Their Adult Children and Vice-versa in South Korea" (with H. Song), Forthcoming, Journal of Development Economics.

“Caught in the Bulimic Trap? Persistence and State Dependence of Bulimia Among Young Women.” (with D. Iorio and M. Sovinsky), Journal of Human Resources, Fall 2013.

"Air Pollution and Academic Performance: Evidence from California Schools" (with Jacqueline S. Zweig and Edward Avol), February 2014.

"Using the Rand Health Experiment Data to Access the Efficacy of Propensity Score Matching in Dealing with Attrition" (with X. Li), June 2011, under revision.

"Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects of Medicaid Expansions on Take-up and Crowd-out" (with S. Ozbekik and L. Shore-Sheppard), Appendix. Forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources

4 Laboratory Experiments

“The Role of Cognitive Ability, Personality Traits and Gender in Gift Exchange Outcomes” (with E. Filiz-Ozbay, John H. Kagel and E. Y. Ozbay), July 2013.

5 Econometrics and Computation

“Calculating Confidence Intervals for Continuous and Discontinuous Functions of Parameters”
(with Tiemen Woutersen), October 2013.

"Test of Random vs Fixed Effects with Small Within Variation" (with J. Hahn and H. Moon),
Economics Letters, 2011, Online Appenidx "The Hausman Test and Weak Instruments" (with J. Hahn and H. Moon), Journal of Econometrics, 2011.

"The Hausman Test and Weak Instruments" (with J. Hahn and H. Moon), Journal of Econometrics, September 2011.

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