DC Industrial Organization Conference - March 7, 2014

Organizers: Andrew Sweeting sweeting at econ dot umd dot edu
                    Angela Harmon harmon at econ dot umd dot edu

Location: 1400 16th Street NW DC, Ground Floor Conference Center

Google Map Link: https://www.google.com/maps/@38.9090647,-77.0369861,17z


Schedule and Papers (links to papers will be provided):

9:00                Coffee & Pastries

9:25                Welcome

9:30-10:15     Marius Schwartz (Georgetown):  “Differential Pricing When Costs Differ”

                       Discussant: Dan Vincent (UMD)

10:15-10:35  Break

10:35-11:20    Ginger Jin (UMD): Why Is Disclosure Incomplete? Insights from Maricopa

                       Discussant: Elliot Anenberg (Fed)

11:20-12:20   Elena Krasnokutskaya (JHU):  Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in the Dynamic Model of Auto Insurance”

                      Discussant: John Rust (Georgetown)

12:20-1:15    Lunch

 1:15-2:15     Krzysztof Wozniak (Federal Reserve Board): “Vertical Restraints in the Movie Exhibition Industry”

                      Discussant: Yuya Takahashi (JHU)

 2:15-2:30     Break

 2:30-3:20     Federico Ciliberto (UVa): Welfare and Market Power in Airline Markets

                     Discussant: Craig Peters (Department of Justice)

 3:20-3:35     Break

 3:35-4:30     Paolo Ramezzana (Compass Lexecon) “Softening Upstream Competition Through Vertical Restraints”

                     Discussant: David Greenfield (FTC)

4:45              Close