DC Industrial Organization Conference - Friday May 20, 2022

Organizers: Andrew Sweeting (atsweet@umd.edu)

Program Committee: Andrew Sweeting and Chenyu Yang (UMD)

Location: zoom

Schedule: presenters in italics

9:30am Matthew Leisten (FTC), “Algorithmic Competition, with Humans”

 Discussant: Ai Deng (CRA)

10:30am Bustamente (UMD) and Francesca Zucchi (FRB), “Innovation, Industry Equilibrium and Discount Rates”

 Discussant: Felipe Saffie (UVA) (prerecorded discussion)

11:30am Budish, Peter Cramton (UMD), Kyle (UMD), Lee and Malec (UMD), “Flow Trading”

 Discussant: Naomi Utgoff (US Naval Academy)


Gillingham, Ishakov, Munk-Nielsen, John Rust (Georgetown), Schjerning, “Equilibrium Trade in Automobiles”

Discussant: Cliff Winston (Brookings)

2:00pm Viola Chen (FTC), Garmon, Rios (FTC) and Schmidt (FTC), “The Competitive Efficiency of Divestitures: An Empirical Analysis of Generic Drug Markets”

 Discussant: Ruben Jacobo-Rubio (US FDA)


3:00pm Gayoung Ko (UVA), “Gender Discrimination in the Gig Economy: Evidence from Online Auctions for Freelancing”

 Discussant: Yujung Hwang (JHU)

4:00pm David Stillerman (joining American), “Loan Guarantees and Incentives for Information Acquisition”

 Discussant: James Wang (FRB)