DC Industrial Organization Conference - March 6, 2015
Sponsored by: Compass Lexecon and the University of Maryland


9:00                Coffee & Pastries


9:20-10:10    Alexei Alexandrov (CFPB), Sufficient Decisions in Multi-sided and Multi-Product Markets

Discussant: Dan Vincent (UMD)


10:10-11:00  Thomas Jeitschko (MSU), Homogenous Platform Competition with Endogenous Homing

                        Discussant: Marius Schwartz (Georgetown)


11-11:25         Break


11:25-12:15 Peter Cramton (UMD), The High-Frequency Trading Arms Race

                        Discussant: Gregg Berman (SEC)


12:15 1:45  Lunch and Panel Discussion on the Economics of Bargaining (participants: Jon Baker, Robin Lee, Dennis Carlton, Cory Capps, Bobby Willig, Tim Brennan, Bob Majure)


1:45-2:00       Break


2:00 2:50    Yuya Takahashi (JHU), Competitive Price Discrimination in an Intermediate Goods Market

                        Discussant: Nathan Miller (Georgetown)


2:50 - 3:10     Break


3:10-4:00       Mitsu Nishida (JHU), Better Together? Retail Chain Performance Dynamics in Store Expansion

                        Discussant: Minjae Song (Bates White)


4:00-4:50       Devesh Raval (FTC), Industrial Re-organization: Learning about Substitution Patterns from Natural Experiments

                        Discussant: Yair Taylor (DoJ)


4:50                Close

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