DC Industrial Organization Day Schedule

Friday May 25 2018



Location: UMD MA Suite, Ground Floor, 1400 16th Street


Organizer:    Andrew Sweeting (UMD), sweeting@econ.umd.edu

                  Angela Harmon (UMD), harmon@econ.umd.edu



9:00            Coffee


9:15-10:05   Gloria Sheu and Charles Taragin (US Department of Justice)

“Simulating Mergers in a Vertical Supply Chain with Bargaining”

                  Discussant: Jeremy Sandford (FTC)


10:05-10:20  Break


10:20-11:10   Katalin Springel (RFF)

“Network Externality and Subsidy Structure in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from Electric Vehicle Incentives”

Discussant: Christy Zhou (Clemson)


11:10-11:25  Break


11:25-12:15  Gaurab Aryal, Federico Ciliberto and Ben Leyden (UVA)

“Public Communication and Collusion in the Airline Industry”

Discussant: Yuya Takahashi (JHU)


12:15-1:15    Lunch and Student Posters

                  Alex Gross (UVA)

                  Ryutah Kato (JHU)

Yongjoon Park (UMD)

Cailin Slattery (UVA)

Jeremy Wong (Georgetown)   

                  Jun Zhang (UMD)


1:15-2:15      Marius Schwartz (Georgetown) and Dan Vincent (UMD)

“Platform Competition with User Rebates Under No Surcharge Rules”

                  Discussant: Paolo Ramezzana (FTC)



2:15-2:30     Break


2:30-3:20     Jacob Gramlich and Serafin Grundl (Federal Reserve Board)

“The Effect of Common Ownership on Profits: Evidence from the US Banking Industry”

Discussant: Minjae Song (Bates White)


3:20-3:30     Break


3:30-4:20     Sungjin Cho (Seoul National), Gong Lee, John Rust and Mengkai Yu (Georgetown)

                  “Optimal Dynamic Hotel Pricing”


Discussant: Andrew Sweeting (UMD)


4:30            Close