Sergio Urzua

Department of Economics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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Work in Progress/Submitted

[1] "Labor Market Effects of Short-Cycle Higher Education Programs: Lessons from Colombia" (with C. Galindo and M. Ferreyra), 2022. Submitted. Available: NBER Working Paper No. 30178, June 2022.

[2] "Toward an understanding of the returns to cognitive skills across cohorts" (with J. Hellerstein and S. Luo). Manuscript, 2023. Available upon request.

[3] "Is Private Education Worth it? Evidence from School-to-Work Transitions" (with D. Contreras and J. Rodriguez), submitted, 2023.

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[5] "Redistribution through Education: Assessing the Long-term Impact of Public Spending", manuscript, 2020. Available: Working Paper 88, June 2019, CEQ Institute, Tulane University.

[6] "The Causal Effect of Skills: An International Study" (with R. Espinoza, K. Miyamoto, M. Sarzosa). Available upon request.

Published Papers

[1] "The Transmission of Commodity Price Super-Cycles" (F. Benguria and F. Saffie), forthcoming, The Review of Economic Studies, 2023. Available: NBER Working Paper No. 24560.

[2] "Voting for Democracy: Chile's Plebiscito and the Electoral Participation of a Generation" (with E. Kaplan and F. Saltiel), forthcoming, AEJ: Economic Policy . Available: NBER Working Paper No. 26440.

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Other Publications and Working Papers

[1] "Between- versus Within-Firm Inequality in Latin America", (with G. Rucci, F. Saltiel and E. Munoz), manuscript, 2019. Available: IADB Working Paper Series No. 1004.

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