Recent lectures:

Atlanta FED Keynote: Whither Business Dynamism and Productivity, December 2022.

AMPF Keynote: Spatial and Sectoral Reallocation of Firms, Workers and Jobs Induced by the Pandemic, May 2022.

Schumpeter Lecture: The Role of Startups in Job Creation, Innovation and Productivity Growth, October 2019

RCEA Keynote: Post Entry Growth and Survival of Business Startups: The Role of Founding Teams, September 2019

Kaufman Bootcamp, July 2019

CAED Keynote: Reconciling Micro and Macro Evidence on the U.S. Economy, May 2019

Tsinghua Keynote: Reallocation, Startups, Innovation and Productivity Growth in the U.S. Economy: Facts, Models and Open Questions, June 2018

Fed Conference Keynote: Declining Business Dynamism and Labor Market Fluidity: Causes and Consequences, June 2017

The Decline in Business Dynamism in the U.S., December 2014

Labor Market Fluidity and Economic Performance, October 2014

Kaufman Bootcamp, July 2015

Lecture on Job and Worker Flows, October 2013

LERA Lecture, January 2013

Firm Dynamics, Job Creation, and Entrepreneurship in the U.S., February 2012

U.S. Job Creation and Firm Dynamics in the Great Recession: Cyclical and Secular Factors, January 2012

Firm Dynamics and Productivity Growth, October 2011

Wage Dynamics: Thoughts from Micro Evidence, September 2011


Keynote address on U.S. labor markets, September 2011

Who Creates Jobs? Small vs. Large vs. Young, May 2011

Firm Dynamics and Job Creation in the U.S., April 2011

Keynote lectures and addresses:

Keynote address at CAED 2008 "Top Ten Questions for Understanding Firm Dynamics and Productivity Growth" 


Keynote address at Kauffman 2008 Conference (Copenhagen) on Entrepreneurship "The Dynamics of Young Businesses:  Importance for Growth and Measurement Challenges"


Distinguished Scholar Teacher Lecture November 2008 at Maryland "Mice, Gazelles and Elephants:  The Menagerie of U.S. Business Dynamics"


Kauffman Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Lectures 2010


Lectures in Colombia in 2005 (Short Course) on Firm and Labor Market Dynamics:


Lecture 1  Basic Facts


Lecture 2  Cyclical Dynamics


Lecture 3  Productivity and Reallocation


Other Lectures:


World Bank Short Course on Labor Market Dynamics