Papers on the Strategy of Reforms

In the early 1990's, I published several papers analyzing the strategy of reform in transition countries. Links are listed below. Although these papers are published in a variety of places, they form a coherent collection.

Reforma curtilor comerciale en Romania [The reform of the commercial courts in Romania]
Peter Murrell
2002, published in Politici Publice, Teorie si practica, edited by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi and Sorin Ionita, Editura Polirom

The Relationship between Economic Growth and the Speed of Liberalization During Transition
Berta Heybey and Peter Murrell
1999, Journal of Policy Reform, 3(2). pp 121-137.

End of the Tunnel? The Effects of Financial Stabilization in Russia
Barry Ickes, Peter Murrel and Randi Ryterman
1997, Post-Soviet Affairs, 13, pp 105-133

Missed Policy Opportunities During Mongolian Privatization: Should Aid Target Research Institutions
Peter Murrell
1997, pubished in Institutions and Economic Development: Growth and Governance in Less-Developed and Post-Socialist Countries
edited by Christopher C. Clague, John Hopkins University Press

How far has the transition progressed?
Peter Murrell
1996, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 10(2), pp 25-44

The Culture of Policy-Making in the Transition from Socialism: Price Policy in Mongolia
Karen Turner Dunn, Georges Korsun and Peter Murrell
1996, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 45(1), pp 175-194

Reform's Rhetoric-Realization Relationship: The Experience of Mongolia
Peter Murrell
1995, published in The Evolutionary Transition to Capitalism, edited by Kazimierz Poznanski, Westview Press

The Transition According to Cambridge, Mass.
Peter Murrell
1995, Journal of Economic Literature, 33(1), pp 164-178

Playing Political Economy: The Goals and Outcomes of Russia's Economic Reforms of 1992
Peter Murrell
Spring 1994, International Journal of Political Economy, 24(1), pp 34-51

What is Shock Therapy? What did it Do in Poland and Russia?
Peter Murrell
1993, Post-Soviet Affairs, 9(2), pp 111-140.

When Privatization Should Be Delayed: The Effects of Communist Legacies on Organizational and Institutional Development
Peter Murrell and Yijiang Wang
1993, Journal of Comparative Economics, 17(2), pp 385-406

Conservative Political Philosophy and the Strategy of Economic Transition
Peter Murrell
Winter 1992, East European Politics and Societies, 6(1), pp 3-16.

Economic Reform, Economic Performance, and Arms Reduction in Eastern Europe: Insights from Evolutionary Economics
Peter Murrell
1992, published in The Macroeconomic Dimension of Arms Reduction, edited by F. Gerard Adams, Westview Press

Evolution in Economics and in the Economic Reform of the Centrally Planned Economies
Peter Murrell
1992, published in The Emergence of Market Economies in Eastern Europe, edited by Christopher C. Clague and Gordon Rausser, Blackwell

Evolutionary and Radical Approaches to Economic Reform
Peter Murrell
1992, Economics of Planning, 25(1), pp 79-95

Can Neoclassical Economics Underpin the Economic Reform of the Centrally-Planned Economies?
Peter Murrell
1991, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 5(4), pp 59-76

Symposium on Economic Transition in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Peter Murrell
1991, introductory article to symposium in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, 5(4), pp 3-10

Big Bang Versus Evolution: Eastern European Economic Reforms in the Light of Recent Economic History
Peter Murrell
1990, published in PlanEcon Report, VI(26), (A Revised Version of a Report Presented to the Panel of Economic Advisors of the Congressional Budget Office, June 1990)