Current teaching

Undergraduate level: Money and Banking (ECON330)
Graduate level (second year PhD): The Macroeconomics of Imperfect Capital Markets (ECON747) - see course material provided below

Prior teaching experience

As a grad student at LSE, I worked as a TA for First Year PhD Macro, Undergraduate Monetary Economics and Undergraduate Principles of Macro
For two summers I was also a TA for Wouter Den Haan's Methods Summer School at LSE
I received the LSE Class Teacher Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017

Course material for my graduate class

General information

ECON 747 - "The Macroeconomics of Imperfect Capital Markets" is a second year graduate course on financial frictions in macro
Latest syllabus here
Final project instructions (relevant for UMD students) here

Lecture slides

Lecture 1: Introduction to the course here
Lecture 2: Business cycle model refresher here
Lecture 3: Dynare here
Lecture 4: From complete to incomplete markets, asset pricing here
Lecture 5: Incomplete markets, heterogeneous agents, and precautionary savings here
Lecture 6: Models with constraints on risk-free debt: Kiyotaki-Moore here
Lecture 7: Microfoundations of debt and debt constraints: Hart-Moore here
Lecture 8: Models with debt constraints: limitations and applications (open economy, normative implications, occasionally binding constraints, ...) here
Lecture 9: Earnings-based borrowing constraints here
Lecture 10: Models with costly state verification and risky debt: Bernanke-Gertler here
Lecture 11: The financial accelerator in a quantitative macro model: Bernanke-Gertler-Gilchrist here
Lecture 12: Risky debt models and the financial accelerator: applications, extensions, alternatives here
Lecture 13: Financial intermediation, banks and bank runs here
Lecture 14: Income inequality, financial intermediation, and small firms here
Lecture 15: Bubbles here


Basic Dynare files here
Example code from Lecture 3 here
Assignment 1 (covers Lectures 2, 3) here
Assignment 2 (covers Lecture 4) here
Assignment 3 (covers Lectures 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) here
Assignment 4 (covers Lecture 10, 11, 12) here

For solutions to assignments, please contact me via email
If you have other questions and suggestions, or find any errors, feel free to get in touch with me as well