Professor of Economics,

University of Maryland

3147E Tydings Hall, 7343 Preinkert Dr.,
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 405-3527

published papers

  • "Limited Attention and Status Quo Bias" with M. Dean and Ö. Kıbrıs, Journal of Economic Theory, (2017).

  • "When More is Less: Choice by Limited Consideration" with J. Lleras, D. Nakajima and E. Ozbay, Journal of Economic Theory, (2017).

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  • "Understanding the Reference Effect" with N. Uler, Games and Economic Behavior, (2013).

  • "Choice by Iterative Search" with D. Nakajima, Theoretical Economics, (2013).

  • "Revealed Attention" with D. Nakajima and E. Ozbay, American Economic Review, (2012). (Slides)

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  • "Rational Choice with Status Quo Bias" with E. A. Ok, Journal of Economic Theory, (2005).

  • "Utility Representation via additive or multiplicative error functions" with F. Aleskerov, Discrete Applied Mathematics, (2003)

  • "Numerical Representation of Binary Relation with a Multiplicative Error Function", Information Sciences, (2002).

  • working papers

  • "A Random Attention Model" with M. Cattaneo, X. Ma, and E. Suleymanov (Slides) (Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Politcal Economy)

  • "Intrinsic Preferences for Information and Skewness" with Y. Orhun and C. Raymond, (Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review)

  • "Revealed Willpower" with D. Nakajima and E. Ozdenoren, (Slides) (Revise and Resubmit, Theoretical Economics)

  • "Decision Making with Product Network" with E. Suleymanov, (Revise and Resubmit, Economic Theory)

  • "Size Matters under Ambiguity" with E. Filiz-Ozbay, H. Gulen, and E. Ozbay, (Slides) (under review)

  • "A Theory of Reference Point Formation" with O. Kibris and E. Suleymanov, (Slides) (under review)

  • "Do Ex Ante Incentives Generate Endowment Effects or Trust? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Promoting Preventive Health Care" with E. Beam, T. Watson, and D. Yang, (under review)

  • "Behavioral Influence" with C. Chambers and T. Cuhadaroglu, (under review)

  • "A Behavioral Foundation for Endogenous Salience" with A. Ellis, (Slides)