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Professor of Economics

University of Maryland

3147E Tydings Hall, 7343 Preinkert Dr.
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 405-3527

yusufcan [ ] umd [ ] edu

working papers

  1. "Weighted Linear Discrete Choice" with C. Chambers, P. Natenzon, and C. Raymond, (Revise and Resubmit, AER)

  2. "Attention Overload" with M. Cattaneo, Paul H.Y. Cheung, X. Ma, (Under Review) (Slides)

  3. "Decision Making with Recommendation" with Paul H.Y. Cheung. (Slides)

  4. "Disentangling Attention and Utility Channels in Recommendations" with Paul H.Y. Cheung. (Under Review)

  5. "Coherent Distorted Beliefs" with C. Chambers, C. Raymond.

  6. "Growing Attention" with Tri Phu Vu. (Under Review)

  7. "Revealed Attention and Memory" with Ece Yegane.

all published papers

  1. "Correlated Choice" with C. Chambers and C. Turansick, Theoretical Economics, (2024) (Slides)

  2. "A Random Reference Model" with O. Kibris and E. Suleymanov, American Economic Journal, Microeconomics, (2024) (Slides)

  3. "Intrinsic Preferences for Information and Skewness" with Y. Orhun and C. Raymond, American Economic Review, (2023) (Long Slides) (Short Slides)

  4. "Progressive Random Choice" with E. Filiz-Ozbay, Journal of Political Economy, (2023) (Slides)

  5. "Behavioral Influence" with C. Chambers and T. Cuhadaroglu, Journal of the European Economic Association, (2023) (Slides)

  6. "Context‑Dependent Heterogeneous Preferences: A Comment on Barseghyan and Molinari (2023)" with M. Cattaneo and X. Ma, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, (2023) (Invited Comment)

  7. "Loss aversion or lack of trust: Why does loss framing work to encourage preventive health behaviors?" with E. Beam, T. Watson, and D. Yang, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, (2023)

  8. "Choice with Endogenous Categorization" with A. Ellis, Review of Economic Studies, (2022) (Slides)

  9. "Comparing ambiguous urns with different sizes" with E. Filiz-Ozbay, H. Gulen, and E. Ozbay, Journal of Economic Theory, (2022) (Slides)

  10. "A Theory of Reference Point Formation" with O. Kibris and E. Suleymanov, Economic Theory, (2021) (Slides)

  11. "Path-Independent Consideration" with J. Lleras, D. Nakajima and E. Ozbay, Games, (2021)

  12. "A Random Attention Model" with M. Cattaneo, X. Ma, and E. Suleymanov, Journal of Political Economy, (2020) (Full Slides, Short Slides)

  13. "Willpower and Compromise Effect" with D. Nakajima and E. Ozdenoren, Theoretical Economics, (2020) (Slides)

  14. "Decision Making with Product Network" with E. Suleymanov, Economic Theory, (2019) (Old version with results on random choice)

  15. "Limited Attention and Status Quo Bias" with M. Dean and Ö. Kıbrıs, Journal of Economic Theory, (2017)

  16. "When More is Less: Choice by Limited Consideration" with J. Lleras, D. Nakajima and E. Ozbay, Journal of Economic Theory, (2017)

  17. "A Behavioral Analysis of Stochastic Reference Dependence" with C. Raymond, American Economic Review, (2016) (Slides)

  18. "Completing Incomplete Revealed Preference under Limited Attention" with D. Nakajima, Japanese Economic Review, (2015)

  19. "Managing Markets for Toxic Assets" with C. House, Journal of Monetary Economics, (2015)

  20. "A Foundation for Strategic Voting" with J. Apesteguia and M. Ballester, Games and Economic Behavior, (2014)

  21. "A Canonical Model of Choice with Initial Endowments" with E. A. Ok, Review of Economic Studies, (2014)

  22. "Understanding the Reference Effect" with N. Uler, Games and Economic Behavior, (2013)

  23. "Choice by Iterative Search" with D. Nakajima, Theoretical Economics, (2013)

  24. "Revealed Attention" with D. Nakajima and E. Ozbay, American Economic Review, (2012) (Slides)

  25. "Behavioral Mechanism Design: Evidence from the Modified First-Price Auctions" with S. Taylor and N. Uler, Review of Economic Design, (2012)

  26. "Informality Traps" with J. Rigolini, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Contributions, (2008)

  27. "A Theory of (Relative) Discounting" with E. A. Ok, Journal of Economic Theory, (2007)

  28. "Rational Choice with Status Quo Bias" with E. A. Ok, Journal of Economic Theory, (2005)

  29. "Utility Representation via additive or multiplicative error functions" with F. Aleskerov, Discrete Applied Mathematics, (2003)

  30. "Numerical Representation of Binary Relation with a Multiplicative Error Function", Information Sciences, (2002)